South East Asia Arts Festival 2015 London


The 2015 South East Asia Arts Festival was launched on 26 October in London.  The festival is a rich and diverse mix of cultural expressiions and art forms ranging from music, talks, puppet shows, dance workshops, talks and performances. The programmes will run until December 13. Do visit the SEA ArtsFest 2015 website to find out what’s on offer in the 6-week programme.

Explore the online Fulcrum Digital exhibition on the SEA Arts Fest website.  See the The Art of Disobedience; presenting a photo slideshow collection of the expression of creative protest by the people in Malaysia in the recent Bersih demonstration.

There is a short slideshow of cartoons by Zunar, the famous Malaysian cartoonist. The theme is on creative expression of issues deemed “seditious” by the Malaysian government and on the banned yellow balloon and the wearing of yellow T-shirt with the word “Bersih” .

Said Zahari, the poet and journalist is featured in the Art of Disobedience, showcased in a film by Martyn See. This film is banned in Singapore. This mild mannered journalist was one of the longest serving political prisoner in Singapore, imprisoned 17 years without trial.

A selection of Said Zahari’s poems, put to music and sung in Malay and English, are available to listen in online exhibition.

The Art of Disobedience is collated by Monsoons Book Club.

Do visit!


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